Symposium Panel 6: Psychology and practitioners’ perspectives

CSA Seminar Recordings

Talks by Leanne Gregory, Maeve Lewis, Simon McCarthy-Jones and Shaakya Anand-Vembar on working therapeutically with child and adult survivors and researching CSA-related shame. Gregory, ‘Scared stiff: Sexual abuse, society, and recovery. Thoughts from the clinic room.’ Lewis, ‘The Intrusion of Societal Myths into the Recovery Journey for Adult Survivors of Child sexual Abuse’. McCarthy-Jones, ‘Can an evolutionary approach tell us anything useful about shame experienced in the wake of child sexual abuse?’. Anand-Vembar, ‘The current state of shame and CSA research: What we know, what we want to know, and how we’re furthering research in the area’.

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Download Panel 6 MP3 (251mb)

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